Gini Alter is an artist whose work has appeared in dozens of solo and group shows in the United States, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. Her paintings are held by the Washington, D.C. Arts Commission and more than 100 private collections.

She has recently developed a unique painting process, blending oil pastels and acrylics on glass to create a luminous reflection. "It is the only work of art in our apartment that actually looks different to me each day," said a New York art collector who owns one of Gini‘s glass paintings. "It has so much texture, yet reflects light as well. I suppose that this is the brilliance of laying down all those shades of blue."   [More Critiques...]

Giniís other work includes oil and acrylic paints poured on wet plaster; acrylic paint and pencil layered with rice paper; and oil pastels, acrylic and plaster on canvas. The painting is meditation and meditation is the painting.

Gini lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband. She has two beautiful, brilliant daughters and two dogs. In addition to painting, Gini is a practicing Shamanic energy healer and Reiki master.